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Tue, 10 Apr 2001

One upon a time, there was a little boy who was abducted by aliens. The purpose of this abduction was not the typical rectal probing for information gathering purposes, nor was it to give the little boy ice cream, although the little boy had been on his best behaviour lately. No, this abduction was to lay way for an alien invasion the likes of which have only been seen 14 times before, mostly late at night on the sci-fi channel.

Now world domination is a pretty serious business. You don't want to do this wrong, 'cause you don't get many chances at it. Unfortunately, the aliens hadn't quite understood human physiology, and when they tried to implant devious mind controlling devices in the little boy's brain, they accidentally put them in his kidneys.

Thus instead of causing the little boy to leave a trail of wanton destruction in his wake, they instead caused the little boy to have to pee very frequently. While in a local shopping mail, the little boy realized his need to use the bathroom, and he took the escalator down to the food court. Unfortunately, he got his trouser leg caught in the grate at the bottom, and he was ground into fresh chuck in a matter of moments.

The End

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