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Fri, 09 Nov 2001

Once upon a time, there was a little cowboy who wanted to be a lawyer when he grew up. He always would wear a suit and tie underneath his chaps when he did his chores, and although he wore a cowboy hat, he didn't like it, and wore expensive dress shoes instead of boots.

The little cowboy would engage in various games with his friends when his daily chores were done, like Lawyers & Judges, practice motions for dismissal and so forth. His favourite underwear had little lawyers on it.

One day, coincidentally, a day he was wearing his treasured legal briefs, the little boy decided to run away from the dull and dreary life of a rancher, and join the dude law firm of Eastwood, Wayne and Garner.

In deciding so, the little boy drew himself up tall, and walked out of the ranch, and stepped on a rusty nail which went straight through his not very protective expensive shoes and punctured his foot, and the little cowboy immediately died of a rather rapid onset of tetanus.

The End

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