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Tue, 11 Dec 2001

Once upon a time, there was a little wizard of Yendor. He wasn't a bad wizard, just Chaotic. Mostly he stayed out of trouble, but he had this friend, the high priest of Moloch, who was always doing bad things, and so the wizard started getting a bad reputation by hanging out with him.

One day, the little wizard was minding his own business, when the high priest of Moloch burst into the wizard's tower all out of breath.

"Hey. I'm in a little bit of a jam," began the high priest. "Do you think you can hang on to this until things settle down?" Molly handed the little wizard a papyrus spellbook.

Now the little wizard of Yendor was no slouch. He recognized the book of the dead immediately, but Molly was his friend. Reluctantly, he took the book, and agreed to keep it for her. Things pretty much went back to normal for a while, until a wandering Valkyrie in search of the Amulet of Yendor killed the little wizard, grabbed the book, found the vibrating square at the bottom of Gehennom, killed the high priest of Moloch, snagged the amulet, ran back to the entrance, progressed through the elemental planes, and finally offered the amulet at the altar of her god.

The End

Yay! I finally won a game of nethack! And I've only been playing the thing on and off for eight years...

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It's a very very very fine house
Still pretty early on

I played with POV-Ray once, quite some time ago, to create my BitHerders logo. I haven't really touched it much since. Recently, I got the idea of trying to render my apartment, which Carmen and I recently moved into. (Well relatively recently at any rate. We're still unpacking.)

It's a pretty slow process. You're seeing what I've managed to do in two evenings of free time. You'd be standing pretty much in front of the refrigerator, looking out at the rest of the apartment, assuming your eyes are 51 inches off the ground; roughly where mine are.

Update: Whoops, my eyes are 61 inches off the ground. Well, I hope this doesn't screw up your sense of perspective.

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