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Mon, 11 Nov 2002

Lest We Forget
Wacom Tablets Rock!

Far be it for me to use Rememberance Day as an excuse to update my Blog after over half a year of disuse. I think Rememberance Day is an excellent and extremely Canadian holiday, although to be honest, I have no idea if it is even an exclusively Canadian event.

Not that I have any readers who are unfamiliar with the event in question, but Rememberance Day differs from Veteran's Day in the focus of who and how we pay tribute to those who fought our battles for us.

It's a small difference; a semantic one perhaps. I went looking at the Google.com website today to see how they had modified their logo. Google.ca had thoughtfully replaced one of the 'o's in the name with a poppy. Oddly enough, Google.com showed just the standard logo.

Maybe I'm overreacting. After all, the States do have Memorial Day. But I experienced Memorial Day, living in Wisconsin oh, so many summers ago, and it really seemed like a celebration of past glories, as opposed to Rememberance Day's past defeats.

That aside, I am actually updating my Blog. I bought me a brand new Wacom tablet (and Intuos2 6x8 inch beauty) and it makes drawing a breeze. I think it's also partly that the drivers for OSX are so much better than for Linux. Nevertheless, I strongly urge you to click on the image accompanying today's entry. The miniturized version doesn't do it justice.

The other nice thing from your perspective, is that I no longer really have any excuse to not keep up with my writing/drawing of this journal. I'll probably go back and touch up images that I was too embarrassed and discouraged to put up after the fateful hard drive crash in the spring. Any entries I do put up will have their original intended dates, but I'll put a footnote stating when they were actually posted.

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