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Mon, 29 Mar 2004

From one cottage to another

Memories of Lake Huron abound. One of my gracious hosts, I have discovered, enjoys a gripping game of Nerts from time to time, and has indeed played it rather frequently in the past, but only as a two player game. The other gracious benefactor is not so entranced by card games, or we would have already played much three player Nerts. In a week or so, some others are going to show up, and hopefully we can entice one or both of them into a multi-player game. Time will tell.

The lovely and talented Mrs. Thingo sent me a wonderful, but brief e-mail letting me know my kitties were acclimatising themselves rather well at Casa de Thingo. I still miss them lots though. Martin showed me pictures of the litter that Carbon was a part of, shortly after he rescued them. Adorable little beasties they were.

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