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Tue, 06 Apr 2004

Driving to Eden

Driving down the keys, writing a log entry, actually writing. (Well, printing anyway. My handwriting isn't terribly good.) I didn't bring my laptop with me. And there wouldn't be much room for typing anyway. I'm sharing the ride down with four others. Martin and Michelle's friends Chris and Paula came down Sunday night and we're all hanging out here. But I digress.

The reason that I am actually bothering to put pencil to paper to write a blog entry (née log entry) by hand is I am struck by the disparate imagery down here that defines the quintessential American experience to me. This is not specific to the Keys in particular, though the thing that prompted me to write is.

The Florida Keys, as I am being constantly reminded, by billboards and other advertisements as we drive, is the most beautiful place on Earth. Indeed, everywhere I look down here, I am struck by the colours of the lush greenery, the crystal clear blue water... and the matching greys of highway and power lines.

I can think of no better reason to kick Man out of Eden, then known that the first thing we were going to do with our forbidden knowledge was to take the garden of Earthly delights and pave it.

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It's a little early.

I've been sleeping out on the balcony where I've been staying the past two nights. On the whole, the experience was not terrible, but there's a lot of noise that I'm not used to. It's been cool for the season, and for Florida; between 50 and 60. Still, it's been more than warm enough for me, for sleeping.

Nevertheless, with the bright light of the full moon, and the sounds of the city and surf, I've not been sleeping the full night through. So here I am, at five in the morning, watching the dull glow on the horizon over the Atlantic, waiting for the sun to rise.

A quick check of my GPS tells me that the sun will rise in almost two hours. That's a bit of a wait. But it's okay. I can play nethack and do some writing while I wait. My current game is a good candidate for ascension. I've got an eleventh level elven wizard that knows most of the spells now, and has a decent armour class even though she's only got a small part of the kit assembled. But enough about that.

We're heading off to Key West for a couple of days this morning. That should be interesting too.

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