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Fri, 09 Apr 2004

Relaxing the day away.

Today was a good day. Did nothing of import. Drank sangria. Let women play with my hair. Apparently, it's long enough to do things with now. Pictures forthcoming when I get some. Made yummy dinner.

In looking over some recent entries about my vacation, there's a bit of negativity there. I want to stress that I am indeed enjoying myself while I'm here, but enjoying myself largely involves doing as little as possible. Hence the enjoyable things tend to be rather dull, and unblog-worthy. Things that stand out in my mind, or strike me as odd are the things that I tend to make a note about.

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Back from beyond

As you can probably tell, since I was able to update my blog with my previous entry, that I've returned from the Keys, also known as the Conch Republic. My experiences were mixed.

Michelle and Martin have a very different idea of what going on vacation means, and I think that's partly the reason for my mixed reaction. Not to mention that Michelle and Martin, I think, have a lot of nostalgic value in doing the things that they do when they're here, and everything's basically new for me. My idea of going to the beach is heading up to a relatively unpopulated area of Lake Huron where there's no malls, no bars, and no Internet.

Anyway, while on vacation, M&M like to do things. While I'm on vacation I like to do nothing. I think to them, I might appear to be dragging my heels from time to time, while to me, I don't always understand their motivations for going out to do certain things. Makes for some interesting days I guess.

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