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Sun, 09 May 2004

Fucking good tea.
1 lemon
 fresh ginger*
 honey, to taste

In a medium to large pot, put the water on to boil. Slice the lemon crosswise**, into even slices about 1cm wide or slightly less, discarding the ends. I usually get four or five slices out of it.

Slice the ginger into thin slices. Enough to let the flavour out, but not so thin as to make things difficult for you.

Add the lemon, ginger and cinnamon to the pot. If your culinary skills are only moderately stellar, like mine, the water hasn't yet begun to boil. This is probably a good thing. Cover the pot and wait for a bit.

When the water reaches a rolling boil, turn the element down as low as it will possibly go, and leave it to simmer. Depending on how strong you want your tea, you may want to leave this to simmer for some time. Five minutes is probably a good medium.

Portion out the tea into mugs. Add honey to taste. At least one teaspoons worth. Maybe more.


* Sorry, I don't really know how much ginger to use. I'm guessing that I use between one and two tablespoons of ginger, but I suggest you experiment.

** I assume here that crosswise is what you want. le Chapeau helped me find the right word here. You want the slices to be circular, with the lemon segments making a nice symmetric star pattern.

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Feeling mostly better.

I'm pretty much over my cold now. Still some lingering bits that cause me to cough up some nice icky phlegm on occasion.

Spent a bit of yesterday tuning and otherwise performing maintenance on my street bike. It's labour I enjoy, and I had a nice little feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I actaully bothered to take my bike out to test in the rather cold and wet weather.

Had some fun at a birthday party of a climbing friend yesterday evening. Depite the cold, we had the barbeques going full. Drinks were had. Meat was eaten. (I don't think there were any vegitarians there.) Other drinks were had.

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