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Tue, 24 Aug 2004

A series of unfortunate events

So I was slated to have started my new job yesterday. As you can guess, that hasn't happened.

Last week was a busy one. In addition to the scheduled events, mostly having to do with a friend's wedding, was the additional unscheduled discovery by a different friend that his brain had been haemorrhaging blood for the last few weeks. Both of these friends are also co-workers. (At least they are for a few days yet.) However for their own reasons, neither of them will be at work for the next week or two.

Things are pretty short handed here. Most notably, with two of the three linux admins leaving Quarry as of this past Friday, and the third out of commission recuperating after someone took a power tool to his skull, there could have been some pretty serious problems with Quarry. And so, I postponed my departure by a week. The University was very gracious and understandable, letting me start a week late.

Unfortunately, this week is equally busy. There's a new guy that started on Monday. So far, he seems quite capable. It doesn't help that on the weekend I bought myself a copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and have been playing it every spare moment I get.

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