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Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Getting deflowered.

It's been a crazy week. Cold, then warm, then now just starting to get cold again. We actually had some really pretty flurries on Monday. I sat in my office watching them for a bit. Yesterday was really warm again. And today it's been windy windy, and getting colder.

It's been so windy, in fact, that a friend of mine lost her Remembrance Day poppy this morning. I thought that was amusing, but I didn't think about making some crack about her being deflowered until much much later. I was kicking myself that I hadn't actually been able to casually make the comment right then and there. I must be slipping in my old age.

I'll admit though, that this morning was really nice. It really smelled like autumn. It's a nice earthy, composty smell. Yesterday, the whole town smelled literally of shit. I think one of the nearby farms was taking advantage of the warm weather to till and fertilise the land or something.

A the while, I've been rushing around trying to get ready for going to the LISA conference next week. I've borrowed a laptop from work, and I'll be stopping in to get my passport from the Passport Office tomorrow morning. Plus I've found someone to drop in and feed my cats and hopefully give them a wee bit of love.

See you all in a week! I'll probably be able to update from Atlanta, but you never know. I might even have pictures if you ask nicely. I'm looking at buying a large CF card for my camera.

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