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Sun, 28 Nov 2004

We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging

Okay. So I was having a bit of a bad time there. Things are mostly normal now. The downshot of going to Atlanta for a week, is that I haven't actually done anything but work for the past three weeks straight. Both weekends were pretty much travelling and dealing with conference things, so I hadn't had any time off.

I took Thursday off just to get away from everything, and take a break, but one of the leftover things from Wednesday still had a bunch of things that needed to get done, so I spent half the day checking e-mail and making calls to people. Bleh.

Saturday, I finally got out climbing with friends from Q, and I think it was just what I needed. After that, suddenly, the world seemed much more normal and less out of control. I think it's been over two weeks since I've had any kind of excercise to speak of. Yes, I still hate my job. Or at least aspects of it. But it's not so thoroughly disheartening. Yay!

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