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Sat, 25 Dec 2004

Home for the holidays

After a whirlwind week of crazy work happenings, I've managed to escape Waterloo for a few scant days to London. Things are pretty subdued this year, as the whole family couldn't make it home to my parents' this year.

Nevertheless, I still managed to stress out a fair bit this year. Christmas involves doing all sorts of things that involve subjecting yourself to harrowing shopping experiences. I worry about shopping for the perfect gift a little too much, I'm sure. This year, in addition, I was totally behind. Most of you have noticed by now that you did not get a Christmas card from me. I barely managed to get some gifts for some of my immediate family. For my parents of all people, I haven't bought anything.

Mostly, I think it's that I haven't really talked with any of my family for any kind of extended period of time, that I really don't know what would be a good gift anymore. Not that when I was younger I did any better. But for ecogrrl and clvrmnky, managed to get them what I think are excellent gifts.

This whole thing with the on-line wish lists make it somewhat easier. It feels a bit like a cop-out, but at the same time, it's stress free shopping. Amazon even makes it ridiculously easy, allowing you to have them gift wrap, and include a little card/note and send right to the recipient.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon with my one sister, and her boyfriend, and in that time, I managed to come up with at least one good idea for a gift, assuming they don't get it for themselves between now and next year. And assuming I don't forget what it is. Time will tell.

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