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Mon, 11 Apr 2005

Out of touch.

I've been a bit bad at updating the blog of late. I found a half written entry from over a month ago, and put that up. Now I'm writing something new, and trying to think of everything that's been happening in the last... well, long time.

Spring has come. And sure enough, we got a nice snow storm in the first week of April, though it wasn't quite as bad as the ones we've had in recent years. On the other hand, yesterday the weather was fraction of a degree short of 20. I went outdoor climbing for the first time this year at Bottle Glass, and it couldn't have been nicer. Plus, I got an e-mail letting me know that a friend who's been very sick for a long time is less so, and people are sounding very optimistic.

The day before that, I hung out with some of my friends from my last job, and a few others, and played board games in the evening. The afternoon was spent just killing time with another friend, I hadn't seen in far too long. All in all, my weekend was quite enjoyable.

Work has been less enjoyable. I'd forgotten how hard it can be, when the only time that people want to talk to you, is because there's something wrong. On the whole, those people tend to be rather good about it, but lately, it's been less so. That combined with a bit of inter-office politics has made me seriously consider whether or not I want to stay here.

The one nice perk about my job, is the ability to take courses for free. So I've finally taken advantage of that. This spring/summer, I'll be taking CO342 and JAPAN101. Just like the last time I took courses for fun (... seven years ago, wow!) it will be one math course, and one not. I'm totally looking forward to it. Though it does mean committing to my job at least until September. Maybe by then, things will have settled down a bit. We'll see.

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