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Thu, 21 Apr 2005

All my troubles seemed so far away.

Yesterday was a particularly good day. First off, I got a good night's sleep the night before. Something that happens infrequently these days. A good night's sleep is something to be treasured. To cradle lovingly in your arms and nurture into a full blown catatonic state where you are blissfully unaware of the goings on of the world around you.

I was reasonably productive, which is always a good thing. Plus, I caved in and ordered some Zome Tool. There's a site that provides free UPS shipping in the US, and I had it shipped to le Chapeau who's coming up this weekend anyway. As of right now, the package is "out for delivery" according to the UPS Tracking thingie.

Update: Delivered! I wanted to find le C to tell him, but he's not on IM. I think he's playing with my toys before I am, the lucky bastard.

Also, I called back the Lance Armstrong Foundation, because they cancelled my order the day after I placed it, saying they didn't have enough address information. I'm pretty sure it was just a screw-up between the Yahoo Store service and their site. I'm getting pretty pissed off at their ability to do business, but I called, and they said they'd straighten everything out, and I wouldn't have to re-place my order or anything. We'll see.

Other than that, I had a very fun evening climbing at the Grotto in Guelph followed by a very yummy dinner at the Cornerstone.

Nothing else really noteworthy, though I was just sort of giggly-punchy all day. Weird.

Today I'm back to my usual sluggish, non-productive self. I really need to get a good night's sleep more often.

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