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Wed, 03 Aug 2005

After math.

The most literal interpretation of this would be that my courses are done for the term. Whatever will I do with all my free time? Why sign up for another course, of course!

So I'm enrolled in C&O 355, Mathematical Optimizations, for the Fall term. For you keeners, here's the course description as listed in the course catalogue:

Linear optimization: feasibility theorems, duality, the simplex algorithm. Discrete optimization: integer linear programming, cutting planes, network flows. Continuous optimization: local and global optima, feasible directions, convexity, necessary optimality conditions.

Don't ask me what all that means.

So my birthday was quite nice. I had a reasonably productive day at work, then went out for a fabu dinner at Charbrie's Four Seasons. It's an excellent place, if you're ever looking for something a bit upscale when you're in town.

Also tangentially birthday related. My iBook isn't here yet. There's a deal for academics (students, mostly, but it seems that staff and faculty would also qualify) where one gets an iPod mini for free, or the equivalent discount on a more expensive iPod. So I got that, plus the Apple Care. (A must for laptops.) And can you believe it, they shipped it all as three separate shipments. I received the Apple Care box today. Great.

And on with the tangents. I went to the Waterloo Public Library today, because I wanted light and fluffy reading, and didn't feel like buying a new book. I think this is the first time in approximately fifteen years that I've checked a book out of a public library, if you can believe it. A Discworld book. I'm probably going to go to bed soon and enjoy it.


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