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Mon, 22 May 2006

Ironing helps us play!

So, I can sometimes be a very stereotypical boy. I'm not the tidiest or most home-makery, though I'm not terrible at either, either.

Every once in a while though, I am startled by information seemingly foreign to me. I recently went to London to attend my sister's wedding, and was trying to make myself look somewhat presentable. And so I was ironing my pants, something they were in sorely need of.

I knew that you're supposed to put water in the iron and that it helps 'cause steam comes out of the little holes at the bottom, if you put the iron on the right settings. But I guess it's one of those things that I didn't think about.

What I also didn't think about was that there was a little push button on the iron that was labeled "spray" which I had no idea why it was there. So, what the heck, I pushed it, and was rewarded with a little squirt of water from the top of the iron, getting my pants all damp.

Okay, no big deal. I'll just iron it, and it'll get the water out. But WOW! It made the wrinkles go away!

Yeah, okay, not so amazing. But it's something that a dumb boy who never irons anything never knew about.

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