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Tue, 01 Aug 2006

Upon reflection

Well, I suppose I did fairly well, all things considered, on my Japanese final. I had enough time to finish the test, then go back and double check my answers, if only barely. There were a few trick questions I totally failed to figure out, I discovered later, but as long as they weren't all like that, I did fine.

To my chagrin, I learned that I am in fact not enrolled in Japanese 201, for some reason. Which is likely my own doing. I remember considering not taking any courses this Fall, at one point when I was getting stressed over Japan102. So oh well. In looking over the courses available to me at the moment, I can't really get all that worked up to take a particular course or another. So maybe a break would be a good thing after all.

I saw a few people on LJ mentioning my ex-gf's wedding on the weekend. I'm just a bundle of weirdness about that whole thing. When I think about my relationship with her, I have problems remembering anything but the really shitty way I felt I was treated at the end of it. I like to think I don't have the energy to be bitter or angry about it, but no, I'm bitter and angry about it. So lovely. Nobody has ever made me feel as insecure as you have. Nice going.

I'm probably just being overly stupid about things. As I've mentioned before, I tend to get pretty emotionally low leading up to my birthday. It doesn't help that a lot of people that I typically get emotional support from, I haven't really seen much of in far too long, especially two very important people who are not even in the country.

Or maybe it's just the fucking heat.

If that's true, (either way,) then this will blow over pretty soon at least. I'm gonna try to go to Charbries or something this weekend with a small group of people, just for drinks and dessert. No pressure. No great planning involved.

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