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Sun, 22 Oct 2006

Any relation to Muddy Waters?

I've started playing bridge again, on a regular basis. A friendly grad student invited me along to a bridge event, Wednesday nights at a community centre very close to where I live. So, why not? I showed up by myself, and got assigned a partner and we finished somewhere in the middle. The next week, I managed to coerce lizcase to come along. We had no system, and accordingly we finished dead last. Oh well. Time to review, I guess.

I've been feeling a bit disconnected today. I hadn't left the house at all, and I felt I should at least make some sort of token appearance in the world, so I managed to head out to the Gelato place about fifteen minutes before close to have a drink, and read my ACBL Club Series book someplace that's not home. It was okay, but I really shouldn't let myself stay at home, doing nothing all day like that.

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