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Mon, 13 Jun 2005

Once upon a time, there was a little neurosurgeon.

He was very successful at what he did, mostly because in school, he studied very very hard, and excelled at his chosen profession. As a result though, he didn't have much time to socialize, and grew very lonely.

One day, the little neurosurgeon was reading an article in one of his favourite publications, "Advanced Neuropsychology Today For Fun and Profit", about how the field of Artificial Intelligence has been making great strides in the area of creating systems that are more and more adept and communicating in a way that seems natural to humans. This gave him an idea: Why not construct a natural looking artifical person?

Why not indeed. The little neurosurgeon researched and studied. He experimented and schemed. He invented and planned. Until eventually he constructed the first prototype for a new era. An era where no one need never be alone or in need ever again.

And with only the humming of the electronics of his work room as fanfare, he turned on the prototype. The prototype looked around, saw the neurosurgeon, and said hello.

A success! The neurosurgeon jumped for joy. They had a brief conversation, and it seemed to respond naturally enough, and move naturally enough. All was well. Time moved on however, and the prototype eventually got bored talking with the neurosurgeon who still had not developed any significant social skills. And so it left, leaving the neurosurgeon alone again. The neurosurgeon decided to build instead a robot kitty to keep him company, which worked well enough, until he forgot to feed it, and it short-circuited from hunger and ate his head.


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