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Wed, 29 Mar 2006


I've started riding my bike again, now that we're pretty firmly into Spring. Sunday was the first time on my bike this year. It was a bit rough. The biking bits of me are woefully out of shape. But I'll get back into the swing of things, and everything will be fine.

Sunday's experience also provided impetus for doing some very minor tune-up things Monday morning. My rear tire's walls were wearing thin enough that the tube was starting to show through. So I replaced the tire, and greased up my chain. Didn't take me too long, but when I was done, my pants and t-shirt had nice big black marks all over them, not to mention my hands.

Good thing I wasn't wearing my work-clothes.

Anyway, that's the preliminary work on my bike. I also need to adjust my index shifting, replace the clamps on my rear brakes (not the pads mind you, the clamps are nicely bent from an accident last year), then, there's things for me, like a new helmet is probably a good idea. I need a cycling jacket as my last one is in terrible shape, as are my gloves. I have to remount my lights and bell onto my bike... I think that's it. For now, anyway.

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