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Tue, 25 Jan 2005

Not a bad day.

No no, quite the opposite.

Nothing specific really jumps out at me, but lots of little things. The weather was mild, but still wintry, which I think didn't hurt. I managed a few scant minutes of reading at the coffee shop this morning, before I had to go catch my bus. Work was fairly productive. I did lots of different little things, including getting my ass in gear and getting organised for the monthly linux meeting tomorrow which I'm supposed to be all organised and responsible for, but have failed to do so far since I started this job.

I had lunch with a work friend, and while there ran into some other friends I hadn't seen in a while, as well as someone who would be a co-worker, except he was on the other side of a department split, and I wouldn't have been hired if the departments hadn't split, so what really does that mean? No idea.

Oh, and I bought a couple of really cheesy, but thoroughly enjoyable movies: Top Secret, and Tank Girl, for super cheap. The total for the two movies including taxes was just under $21. Not too bad.

The afternoon was where I got most of the work done. Plus had coffee with a climbing friend in the afternoon who I've never gotten together with outside of climbing, despite the fact that we're both on campus.

I'm at home now, having just had a delicious dinner, and listening to some really good tunes in order to keep a certain other tune out of my head. Plus, I made a yummy blended fruit smoothie, which is still sitting in the blender waiting for me, as I wanted to get this blog entry finished first.

I really need to post more recipes. I'll probably put up a "Food" section in the sidebar or something, but the dinner was so bloody easy to make, and I feel like sharing. Soon, I promise.

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Wed, 19 Jan 2005

The morning was crisp and clear.

It was cold. Cold like you'd expect a winter day to be. So cold that you inhaled through your nose, and your nose hairs would instantaneously freeze up and refuse to budge. Banding together like some sort of nose hair union with little nose hair picket signs saying "Nostrilarity forever!"

As I walked to work, the snow squeaked underfoot like a big sheet of styrofoam, covering everything. Ahead of me, I saw the University smoke stack emitting puffy white clouds against the clear blue of the winter sky, where they were immediately torn to shreds by the harsh North wind.

Work... I trudged onwards towards my destination. I may be a private investigator, but I work in the public sector. My name's Inistrator. Adam Inistrator.

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Thu, 06 Jan 2005

Must be the endorphins

Went climbing last night, and afterwards I was in a crazy good mood. Everything was wonderful. The Wendy's burger was wonderful. The shower was wonderful. The granola bar was wonderful. Flossing my teeth was wonderful.

Today, so far, things aren't terrible. I'm a little tired, perhaps, but it's a bloody beautiful wintry scene outside my window today. Environment Canada is calling it a "Winter Warning". We're supposed to get 10cm of snow, and possibly some freezing rain. Well, it looks nice.

Christmas was far too short, in hindsight. I thought I'd have a lot more free time than I actually had, but I suppose that's the way of things. It's the holidays, so you spend time with the family. You see old friends, and got to New Year's parties, and eat too much. I really can't complain.

Oh, except that my cat had a giant glob of poo stuck to his ass when I got home from my parent's, and he was leaving stains everywhere he sat down. It was totally gross. Oh, and I broke my glasses. Also not fun.

But other than that, I can't complain.

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