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Thu, 27 Sep 2007

Everything new's old again.

Still tired. Work is stupid busy, and unlikely to stop being so ever. EVAR. *sigh*

Another school year has started again. The pink tie, as it was wont to be, was still there, and still pink. At least for the duration of frosh week. Class has started up, and is going well enough, I suppose, though I still find myself leaving the assignments to the last minute.

I clearly seem to be getting old. Since sometime in August, I have been intermittently experiencing lower back pain of varying degrees. Clearly, I need to get back into shape. Or something. To that end, I've gone back to Tai Chi, for the first time in, probably, a year. Also, I've joined an ultimate (frisbee) team. Holy crap do you run hard in a game of ultimate. If only I could get back into a regular climbing schedule too.

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