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Tue, 26 Sep 2006

Slogging away

Work continues as per usual. My enthusiasm for it has been pretty non-existent of late. It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping much last week. Mostly because of my own poor judgment.

Things got a little better after the weekend, and I had a chance to relax a little. Did I say relax? Well, actually Saturday, a bunch of us headed to London to help a friend of ecogrrl's move. Though to be honest, it really wasn't so bad. Unloading is always pretty easy, especially when all you have to do is get told where to put things. No thinking involved. And many many hands made for light work.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing. Slept in, then hung out with devilish--angel at the Kitchener Word on the Street festival for the afternoon, where among other things I picked up a copy of Scott McCloud's new book, Making Comics.

Making comics is a good book, fully of McCloud's usual style of humour. It made me want to go back to the Anatomy Colouring Book and work the rest of the way through it, and get back into drawing again. Maybe you'll see some sketches from me again soon.

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Wed, 06 Sep 2006


I have a surplus of fruitstuffs. Time to do something with them all. So I took a bit of pineapple, a beautiful pear, a couple of bananas, half a pint of strawberries, some coconut milk and some orange juice. Oh, plus some cinnamon and some flax seeds, just 'cause. Blend. But damn! Yummy!

Oh, and I baked for like the first time in ages. (I cook all the time. But I almost never bake.) Nothing too fancy pants, mind you. Some savoury cheese muffins from this bread book. They also turned out marvelously.

And I can't end this entry without mentioning this. I saw this when buying some of the other things, and I just had to have it. Only in Canada, kids!

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Tue, 05 Sep 2006

Fiscal imbalance

Again, with the long delay between posts.

Well, the most notable thing that's happened to me in the last little while is that I took a week off work to rearrange and clean my house a little. To that end I rented a car for the week and went on several trips to buy some much needed things. Namely, to the MEC for some cycling and climbing gear, and Ikea for a few little bits and pieces to fill out my home.

But going to those two stores aren't cheap. Plus some odds and ends in other places, and the cost of the rental car for the week, and I've undid all my attempts to be somewhat frugal since I bought my iBook over a year ago. Oh well.

It's not a complete loss. I did some adjusting of my budget and tightening of my belt, and I've been able to shave six more years off my mortgage by increasing my payments. Plus, for some reason, my property taxes went down this year. Crazy, but who am I to complain?

A bit more traveling in the coming week, so I'll have to figure out expenses again, but one of those trips is to pick up ecogrrl from the Airport! Yay!

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