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Thu, 19 May 2005

Has it been three weeks?

I was thinking today that I really need to update my blog. If nothing else, classes have started recently, and I'm sure people are wondering how I've been doing with that.

But no. Classes haven't started recently. I've already finishe three weeks of courses. Where the heck has the time gone?

So. School. Well, so far, classes are good. This week was the first week where we really started to get into things. Both Japanese and Graph Theory have been good to date, and there's been learning and stuff, but really, the first little while has been as much to get used to the routine as to actually learn stuff. So this week, it seems like everything's shifted into high gear. Assignments were due this week, and the actual material has become noticeably more dense in its dissemination from teacher (or sensei, せんせい, if you prefer) to student (gakusei, がくせい).

I'm glad it's summer. And I'm really glad for the breaks in my work day provided for me by my classes. Work itself has been long and hard of late. There was a power failure last week that affected most (but not all) of the city. And computer systems here didn't work quite right the next day. So there was a lot of running around last Thursday fixing stuff that didn't reboot properly.

What else. Oh, Decogrrl got married. Yay and congrats and stuff. Mr. Decogrrl apparently knows the Simpsons better than I do, so he can't be all bad.

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