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Sun, 16 Dec 2007

The Perfect Storm

I like snow. I like winter a fair bit, provided it's a real winter, and not always just hovering so close to freezing that we get that drab cold rain that you feel in your bones. So this weekend has been a bit of a treat. I managed to get out and wander around taking a few pictures. The lamp post there, and a couple of shots of the street along that storefront, one at night before we got the brunt of the snow, and one the next day.

Talking in IRC with some of my perl buddies, we were talking about how exactly the amount of snowfall is measured, and geekily worked out that the city of Waterloo was hit by a 1.3 megatonne storm. That's megatonnes of snow, and not TNT, but still it has a nice ring to it.

I'm mostly enjoying a lot of this because I don't have any obligations to remove snow from my walk, my car, my driveway, etc., but it also helps that I wrote my final exam for my Game Theory course on Friday, so I have no academic responsibilities left for the term. I could have used an extra half hour on the final exam, really, but I went into the exam with an 88%, so I'm sure I'll do fine.

The storm has ended enough in advance that it's highly unlikely that anything will be closed tomorrow, which is probably for the best. It's the last week before the school closes up completely for the holidays, and there's a fair bit of stuff to get done in that time. Having a workday taken away from me right now would make things a little tight. So yeah, it worked out near perfect.

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