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Wed, 22 Feb 2006

I'm a baaaad programmer.

KW.pm had it's monthly meeting, as it does. I am continually reminded of how little I know about perl from time to time, and this meeting was not unusual in that respect. Being a slightly less organised meeting than usual due to the lack of the usual organising forces who happened to be elsewhere, I attempted to get some drinks for folk, while one of the others looked after pizza.

I think I must be the only programmer in the universe that doesn't like Coke.

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Wed, 08 Feb 2006

Is it snowing in space?

A week ago, I was lamenting about the weather. It was a balmy five degrees above freezing. In fact, January was the warmest it's been since recording temperatures began.

I watched Groundhog day on the evening of the 1st. I think it was a total fluke that I picked it out of my collection to watch, but there you go. I love that movie. And Groundhog Day rolled around the next day, the weather was overcast and as warm as always. Early Spring? Duh. Early like November.

Of course looking back, that seems a tad premature. Winter's here! It's gorgeously pretty out, even if it is a bit cooler. It's not even that cold for February.

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