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Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Home row
Home row

I'm home sick. Well, it's Saturday, so it's not necessarily a big surprise that I'm home, but I'm pretty miffed that my body waited until today to get sick. Some friends I hadn't seen in a while were in town today and I was looking forward to seeing them.

So instead, I'm sleeping lots, and staying warm. The picture is of these open fingered mitts, ideally suited for typing. (As opposed to open fingered gloves, there's no fabric separating the four fingers of the hand.) They were knitted by my mom, and supposed to be for my sister, but there was something weird with the gauge of the wool, and they ended up being to big for her, and just right for me. Score!

The astute among you will also notice the Griffin Powermate in the corner of the picture. I don't use it nearly as much since I gave up my Mac when I left my last job. The MS drivers don't work nearly as well. It's a shame, really.

Anyway, back to being sick. Last night was the worst of it. I won't go into too much detail, save that I was up fairly frequently through the night. Today has been better mostly. Slept for most of the morning and into the afternoon. Been drinking lots, eating some.

What a lovely way to end my lovely week.

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Thu, 24 Feb 2005

Not my finest hour

So far, this week has been less than stellar. Yesterday was the best example. There are a lot of projects that I have, at best, half done at work, and at worst, not at all started. So I was feeling a bit pressured. I decided to focus on one of them, and see if I could follow it through to completion. To my dismay, I managed to mangle things in such a way, that it probably would have been better if I'd just taken the day off.

I've mostly recovered by this point, but something that I thought would have taken me a half day is now halfway through the second day, and still not done.

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Wed, 16 Feb 2005


In contrast to yesterday, today the view out my window is a beautiful pristine white. We got probably five to ten centimetres of snow overnight as the weather turned colder again. I took a few pictures around my building this morning, and on the walk to work, I really wish I brought my camera. It is quite pretty out there.

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Tue, 15 Feb 2005

Grey grey grey

Everything looks so blah outside. It's a little misleading, I suppose. It's some small amount above zero, and I see green grass in abundance. It's vaguely Spring-like, which isn't bad for mid-February.

Things are pretty much the same as always. I work, I do some climbing when I can, and I see my friends when I can. Not particularly exciting, but could be a lot worse. So all in all, I'm doing alright, though I had a moment this afternoon at work where I was indirectly reminded how I little I know about how to do my job which took the wind out of my sails a bit. It feels a bit weird to have that feeling even though I've been here for almost half a year now.

At the same time, it feels like I'm just waiting for something to happen. It's a bit of a life in general feeling. Part of that is because I'm just itching for Winter to end so I can be a bit more outdoorsy. I brought my climbing gear to school yesterday, so maybe I'll go boulder for a bit at the PAC and get it out of my system.

Get my rocks off, so to speak.

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