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Wed, 26 Jul 2006

Can I go home now?

Guh. I just want to get this stupid thing over with. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm hungry, but nothing seems appealing right now. I'm sick of looking at my Japanese notes. But must eat. Probably should study too.

For better or worse, it'll all be over in eight hours, at least.

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Mon, 24 Jul 2006

Crunch time.

Things have been stupid busy, as seems to be the norm in the last little while. But the end is in sight. I've got my final exam for Japanese 102 on Wednesday, and then I've got all of August with no (or almost no) obligations. I'm thinking about taking some time off. Cleaning up a bit around the house. Playing some computer/console games without the guilt of feeling like I should study. Pine longingly for Dare. Maybe turn 34 at some point. That sort of thing.

Then once August is over, it's right back into the swing of things. September brings the start of another school year, so work is likely to be busy again as everyone returns to campus. And in the meantime, I'm taking Japanese 201, the somewhat anagramatic continuation of my language studies.

At least there's a short break in there somewhere.

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Mon, 10 Jul 2006

In my own indomitable fashion

One of the many things I mentioned I'd talk about last post was that I went to visit friends at the beach. I've got pictures. Mostly of kites and gorgeous sunsets, but there's some other stuff in there too.

Towards the end of the trip, we went into town to have fish & chips at the Erie Belle, something they typically do quite well. This particular time, they had a special, which was 2 pieces of a fish which was possibly perch, chips, and a small serving of mushy peas. Something which I'd either not tried, or at the very least forgotten what it was like. And so, without actually bothering to consider my words more carefully, I charged forward with "I'm intrigued by this mushy pea-ness."

This is not the first time I've said anything so incriminating.

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