Elbie at Trig dot Net

Wed, 04 Apr 2001

Once upon a time, there was a little web ring. It was a happy web ring, although it was run by a small company, and there were some problems. But people joined the ring, and people visited sites on the ring, and all in all, it was a pretty good existence.

Eventually, the web ring got bought out by a big faceless internet corporation. The ring was relegated to some remote programming team that really didn't have a good grasp of what web rings should do, and the team wasn't really that good at their jobs. The web ring was remade and data was collected on its viewers. Bugs were introduced. But still people visited the ring, and the ring welcomed people, despite its diminished capacity.

Unfortunately, the large faceless corporation didn't make any money, and eventually, they declared bankruptcy and the computer that housed the webring was dismantled, the software wiped and the parts sold at a liquidation auction.

The End

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