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Sun, 08 Apr 2001

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who wanted to ride his bike to work everyday. For a few days, he was holding up pretty well, but it was a fairly long ride, and when in rained on the third day, it gave him pause. However, he had made a commitment to himself, and he dutifully got on his bike and make the trek. He arrived at work a little damp, but thankfully he had remembered to bring a change of clothes, and he was none the worse for wear.

The next day, was dark and gloomy. A quick glance out the window proved to the little boy that it was not the best day for biking. To this day, historians are not sure exactly what tipped the little boy off, but most agree that he was aware of the snipers hiding on the balcony across the street.

Undaunted, the little boy donned his best kevlar cycling jacket, and headed out into the -20 degree weather. Skillfully maneuvering around the tornado, the boy made his way to work. Finally arriving, he realized it was Saturday, and he died of shame.

The End

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