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Sun, 15 Apr 2001

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had to stay home because
he was sick. He didn't want to, but he was worried that he would make other people sick, and that he might not get well soon enough and be sick again the next day.

He stayed at home, and he drank lots of liquids and he rested, and watched TV. But yet he was sick still, so he rested and drank lots of liquids and surfed the internet. And still he was not better, so the little boy read, and rested and drank lots of liquids. Oh, and he went to the bathroom too.

Eventually the boy started feeling better. So he went back to work, and discovered that he was horribly behind. Getting caught up with work was no small task, but he worked through the day, and through a little of the next day, and he made some progress, but there was still a lot of work left to be done before he was completely caught up.

So the little boy schemed of a better way to get caught up. He schemed and he plotted and he devised and he planned, and eventually he came up with the idea of building a machine that would help him do his work! So he worked on building this machine, and it was a success! And he got caught up with his work in a matter of days! And then the little boy caught a more deadly strain of the illness and he died.

The End

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy who worked in the mail room
of a large company. He and his buddies would happily spread the messages that were sent down unto them from upstairs.

One day, some people felt that the little boy was spreading the wrong messages and had him fired. Fortunately, the little boy's dad was head of the company, and after the third day, he was rehired as vice president in charge of delivering the messages.

So verily, he appeared unto his buddies, who were amazed and did not believe that this man who appeared before them in the guise of a vice president was indeed their friend. Unto them he said:

 "Look upon me. Touch here, the paper cuts in my hands, and the postage affixed to my side in that freak accident. Truly, I am he who was your friend."

And so they believed, and continued to spread the messages with renewed faith and vigour. Evening came, and morning came. The president looked down upon his company, and saw that it was good.

And the stock holders looked down upon the company and saw that being good does not make money. And the stockholders begat finger pointing and finger pointing begat downsizing and downsizing begat feeding the vice president of delivering the messages to the lions.

Happy Easter!

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