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Fri, 18 May 2001

I'm sitting here thinking up ideas for the next story, and I wonder if this is going to turn into something approaching a more legitimate journal type thing. God knows, the net doesn't need another, as there's plenty out there already. (Here and here for example.)

Anyway, the reason I'm bringing this up, is because today's story sort of reflects upon events happening to me. I actually have pink eye. Blech.

Once upon a time, there was a boy with pink eye. It wasn't much of a disease as far as diseases go, but it was still a pretty yucky thing that the boy had to deal with.

Eventually, the boy got tired of worrying about pink eye, so he went to his doctor and told him. The doctor wasn't a very good doctor, but he did come up with a solution. He surgically removed the little boy's eyes, and replaced them with surgically enhanced seeing-eye weasels.

For quite some time, the surgically enhanced seeing-eye weasels (or SESEW) did their job quite admirably, but the little boy began to tire of the constant chittering in his ears, so again he went off to visit his doctor.

After getting his ears replaced with special Weasel dampening dill pickles, the little boy was again happy and returned to his daily activities.

Unfortunately, the dill pickle juice started seeping down into the little boy's jowls, giving his jaw and lower face a slight greenish hue. This didn't add to his already less than charming appearance, and soon local children were unable to sleep at night for fear of the horrible mutant alien space weasels in their cloned human zombie robot.

Local townspeople were concerned, and did the only thing they could. Using the weasel's natural enemy, the fourteen ton slab of concrete, they hunted down and eventually killed the weasels and the little boy in the process.

The End

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