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Thu, 07 Jun 2001

Once upon a time, there was a little sunflower, who grew in a field full of sunflowers in a field not so far from the very village where you grew up. A picturesque little place, on the slope of a gentle mountain, which nurtured all who lived there, and sheltered them from the raging barbarian hordes constantly fighting for supremacy on the other side. But then you know about where you grew up.

One day, this sunflower was sunning itself, and listening to the nearby clang of swinging broadswords, when it realized that it never really enjoyed this life of idyllic bliss. What it really craved was adventure!

And so the little sunflower packed up its things and prepared to go off into the great wide world, when it suddenly remembered about all the friends it had made here, and how it would probably have to find someone to feed its cat. It was at that point that the sunflower realized that without knowing it, it had somehow managed to put down roots here, and that it didn't want to leave after all.

Happy at this newfound realization, the sunflower failed to notice the harvesting combine approach and slice it neatly in twain.

The End

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Once upon a time, there was a little jedi knight. He learned all about the force, and how it acted upon all things to an extent governed by an object's mass and how quickly that object accelerated.

One day, the little jedi knight wanted to better understand the universe in which he lived. He decided to go back to school and study advanced particle physics. He studied very hard, and eventually became a jedi master. Still questing for more, he went back to school and became a jedi Ph.D.

Now fully equipped to deal with the mysteries of the universe, the little jedi got a job doing what all jedi knights with a Ph.D. in advanced particle physics do; he went to work in a particle accelerator.

Sadly, the fact that this particle accelerator was based on giant space station that roamed the galaxy and destroyed planets escaped the little jedi's attention until it was stormed by rebel troops who shot him until he became more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

The End

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