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Mon, 23 Jul 2001

Once upon a time there was a little girl that picked up and moved West. There, she found a job working for a micro-brewery. For a while, all was well and she enjoyed her work and the brewery flourished.

As the brewery got bigger, it became fat and corrupt, living off itself. Eventually, the company that made beer became a company that made money. This made the little girl unhappy.

The company like her work however, and they gave her a raise and a promotion, and the little girl reluctantly decided to stay.

Many years passed, until one day, the little girl found herself president of the company. She no longer had concerns about the little things. It was her job to make sure that the stockholders made lots of money, and she did a decent job of it. When she went out for lunch, she was stopped by a man on the street, who said

"Can you spare some beer?"

At once, it all came flooding back; Why she joined the company; what she liked (and missed) about it. It was all about the beer. It should be all about the beer!

The little girl turned around, immediately forgetting the man and his request, thus saving him from developing severe cirrhosis of the liver several months hence, and began implementing vast sweeping changes in the company.

To the employees, the little girl was somewhat of a hero. She brought back pub nights, employee discounts, and mandatory impaired heavy machinery operating days.

To the stockholders unfortunately, she was not so popular... until she brought twenty kegs with her to the next general meeting. Then everyone was pretty happy with her again, until she accidentally kicked out one of the pins supporting the pyramid of kegs and she was crushed to death.

The End

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