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Mon, 22 Oct 2001

Once upon a time, there was a lazy little boy. Every day for over two months, this little boy would get up, and not write a story.

Not that this little boy was a writer by trade, but the little boy liked to keep himself entertained to some small extent. Writing meaningless little stories was a creative outlet that kept him sane and not colouring outside the lines.

After almost two months of not outletting his creativity, the little boy was colouring dangerously close to the outside. Fortunately, the little boy's guidance counsellor and spiritual co-advisor saw this and stepped in to prevent the disaster that was nearly inevitable.

Unfortunately, the little boy's family and friends didn't have the money to enroll the little boy in a twelve-step program, so instead, hoping for the best, they enrolled him in twelve one-step programs.

While on his way home from the fourth program, the little boy was siezed by a sudden urge to colour outside the lines. Searching madly about for a colouring implement, he broke into the Drawola(tm) Crayon Diversified Industries, where he tripped and fell into a vat of molten Vermilion Red.

The End

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A Monday
An old friend

So what. I've started a blog.

Actually, maybe people want to know. God knows everybody and their dog has one these days.

I'm pretty much writing this for my own benefit, which I suppose is the reason everyone does these things. Rather recently, I bought a graphics tablet. I've actually been interested in developing some kind of visual artistic ability, although I've never really been serious about it. Hopefully the blog will force me to do something relatively frequently, even if it means I have to chatter inane nonsense at nobody in particular while I do it.

I have no idea if you'll see intimate, personal details about me. Probably not too personal, anyway. It scares me some of the things that my friends say on their on/line journals that I never knew about them. At any rate, you're unlikely to see anything I wouldn't tell a casual friend. That means that any friends I do have will still have to e-mail me to find out how I'm doing.

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