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Wed, 24 Oct 2001

The straight and narrow
Write on!

Not much effort put into today's drawing. I'm still trying to get the hang of a lot of things. The feel of the pen in my fingers is somewhat misleading. My drawing style physically tends to be light quick sketchy strokes, which I've duplicated somewhat with the previous two drawings, but the actual execution of those strokes is rather different.

Did I mention that I'm drawing using the GIMP on linux? I was impressed enough with myself that I was actually able to get my machine to recognize the tablet as a viable input device, but I'm still missing a lot of functionality with respect to drawing. According to the docs for the tablet, (it's a Wacom tablet, for those interested,) the thing is supposed to be able to recognize pressure. A crucial control at the best of times for this sort of thing.

The other thing is how freakin' hard it is to draw a relatively straight line. My motor control is decent, but this stylus thingie in my hand might as well be a week old carrot for all the fine control I have with it.

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