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Wed, 07 Nov 2001

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The cow later tested positive for steroids.

I tried very hard not to mention poo in today's entry, having talked about it enough already, IMHO. However it was surprisingly difficult.

My picture didn't scale very well today. I ended up reshading after I resized the image, and even then, I didn't shrink it nearly as much as usual. I think it's my fault for not going over the lines as much as usual. This cross hatching brush is really cool though, and makes a nice background.

Speaking of computer generated art, I saw Monsters Inc on the weekend. It was quite good, both on a technical and artistic level, as well as being quite well written and acted.

In the meantime, I'm stressing over work. I'm doing stuff that I just don't have a clear understanding of, and it's a little frustrating.


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