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Thu, 31 Jan 2002

My weekend (oh, and month, I guess)

Alright, so it's been over a month. Things have been pretty busy lately with work, not to say necessarily that things are bad, but busy. Have you ever noticed that once you start doing something as your job, you don't really want to do it recreationally? This is kind of like that.

So about my weekend...

Did I mention it's January? Sunday, was sunny and 10c. I got on my bike and went out trying my best to get muddy for twoish hours. For those of you that know the area, this consisted mostly of riding through subdivisions until I found a path heading through a park or something. Not terribly exciting, but there were a couple of nice parks, and eventually, I ended up on a riverbank at the outskirts of the city where Lexington ends at University (on the way to Conestogo).

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