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Thu, 07 Mar 2002

I miss my kitty

I did something that I really regret yesterday. I will probably feel terrible about it for a really long time. I took one of my cats to the Humane Society to (hopefully) be adopted.

We had, I am sad to say, been considering this for a very long time. Meecah had been very expensive pretty much from day one. At one point, he had a blocked urinary tract that cost us a thousand dollars to fix. This is not why we gave him up.

Sadly, our reasons are much more mundane. Since we have moved, six months ago, Meecah has had a lot of problems adjusting. Maybe it's because there were three cats living in our unit before us. Maybe it's because it's so much smaller. At any rate, Meecah is having "accidents" approximately once a week or so since we've moved, and no matter what we've tried to accommodate him, nothing seems to help.

So we took him to the Humane Society. He's probably sitting there in his cage right now, mieowing pitifully. I miss my kitty.

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