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Mon, 11 Mar 2002

A facelift

I've been playing with cascading style sheets on my blog and fingerfood pages. I'm trying to use CSS2's layout codes to replace tables. As you probably noticed, the layout is currently simply dreadful. Depending on your browser, it may even be worse than that. I shudder to think of how it looks for the fingerfood entries. I haven't even bothered testing it there until I get it working with my Blog.

Despite all that, it's kinda nice to be working on it. I hope to, after I fix up all the layout specific stuff, to get some kind of page customization for all you nice people, whomever you are. Oh, and fix some outstanding issues, like including older entries when you click on a date in the calendar nav. (And limiting the number of months shown there, for that matter.)

Anyway, it's... it's tomorrow. It looks a lot better now, although I still haven't checked the fingerfood layout. It's not perfect, of course, but it will do until I can get some rest.

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