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Fri, 28 Feb 2003

NetHack Dreams

For those of you unaware of such matters, a new version of NetHack was released this week. I spent probably more time than I should have of late downloading and rebuilding the source to this fine game, and of course far too much time actually playing it.

To my credit, I have an excellent chance at my first Archeologist ascension. I have almost everything I need to take on the quest nemesis and feel reasonably secure about my chance for success.

The only other time I got an Archeologist as far as the quest nemesis, he summoned a succubus that lured me into inaction while he continued to pound rather heavily on my character.

Like any thing one spends far to much time doing, staring at all the little s dancing in front of my eyes, my brain eventually starts generating similar images for me, in some deluded effort to satisfy my subconcious mind. The result: mono-spaced, 80x25, ASCII action. It was reasonably vivid. Heck, maybe there's a movie script in there somewhere.

In the role of the @ symbol, I see Brandon Fraser.

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