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Sun, 21 Dec 2003

I'm actually not at work

And life is waaay better for it. Actually, it's not completely that I'm not at work. It's more that I'm not insanely stressed about work, which is much easier to do, when work isn't right in front of you, making funny faces, and trying to make you spew milk out of your nose.

Okay, so the previous week was a particularly nasty one for me. The good news is that I got all the work done I was supposed to, and everyone is fairly happy about it. This past week (not the stressful one, but the one after that) was much better, and everyone was in a pretty good mood to boot. It's probably largely due to the Return of the King opening, is my guess.

I'm actually sitting in the train station in London, waiting for my sister to arrive from Toronto at the moment, though I'm not connected to the internet (wouldn't that be sweet). I get a few days of family fun, then a few days of seeing old friends fun, then a few days of hopefully non-stressful work, then another long weekend for the New Years. Things should be good from here on in.

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