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Sun, 18 Jan 2004

Winter's firm grasp

After the Christmas' unseasonably mild weather, it's nice to see some real winter weather. Today is the mildest of the days I've seen in quite some time at a particularly balmy and sunny -4°c. Over the last few weeks, we've seen some much nastier weather, including wind chills of approaching -40. Real winter.

I ran into a friend I had not seen in a really long time yesterday who is now teaching in Guelph. It was purely by accident. I had decided to get a coffee at a nearby Tim's before I went to wait in line at a medical clinic that was having an open registration for people looking for family doctors. And there she was having lunch with her mother.

For those of you not from 'round these parts, K-W is in desperate need of doctors practicing family medicine. I've lived here for nigh on thirteen years now, and I haven't really had a doctor here. The really nice thing was though I was warned of the long wait in line at the clinic, when I arrived, the gentleman who handed me a form to fill out told me that I couldn't have picked a better time. All told, I think I was in and out in about ten minutes, whereas that morning, there were people waiting over an hour.

At any rate, things have been going pretty well of late. Nice wintry weather, a stroke of luck here and there, and to top it off, I have my health. Not too shabby.

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