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Sat, 31 Jan 2004

A month of winters.

January is at an end. I'm sitting in the local coffee shop, where a guy is playing some Jazz and Blues classic tunes, fairly well, and I'm enjoying it, and reflecting on the past month.

January was a full non-stop month of winter. It was seasonably cold, (as opposed to unseasonably cold, which for January, had better be pretty damned cold. I don't think that wind chills of -30°c really qualifies as unseasonable.) and seasonably snowy. More importantly, it was consistently cold and snowy. Wow. Real winter.

I went to my second Tai Chi class since the whole Christmas season which was pretty much a write off. I'm really enjoying the classes. I've got a decent (in my opinion) sense of balance and flow, which helps. And Vic was nice enough not to charge me for this session, since I missed so many classes last session.

I had a relatively glowing review from my boss yesterday too. Apparently a lot of issues that came up in the previous year's review have shown considerable improvement. Yay me. Maybe I'll get a raise. That would be nice.

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