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Thu, 26 Feb 2004

A brief Winterlude

Much fun was had in Ottawa. The weather for the drive up and back was favourable, though driving into the setting sun on the way back was a bit of a pain.

I got all sorts of Ottawaey things out of my system on Friday. We skated the length of the canal, and had a Beaver Tail, and I had some poutine done right.

I went clubbing with Amy Friday night too, and I've pretty much decided that I just don't do clubbing well. Oh well.

I also got to see a few people I hadn't seen in a while. My grandmother was in the hospital with a minor problem, but all was mostly well there. Also got to have dinner with Neil and Lorna and Amy (different Amy) which was nice.

Oh, and I ponied up for Puzzle Pirates when I got home. Go figure.

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