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Mon, 01 Mar 2004

A mostly amazing weekend

Lot of things been happening lately. Hopefully this entry won't run on too long. In the meantime, my cat, always with the oral fixation has taken to biting me by proxy. Carbon, no longer content to actually be present to bite me, has her adult teeth coming in. A side effect to this is that she's been leaving baby (kitten?) teeth in places where she tends to spend most of her time lazing about. ie. my chair, my bed, etc.

I don't particularly enjoy rolling over in the middle of the night to find a loose tooth embedded in the back of my hand.

Saturday was a most excellent day. I got invited to stay for the Chang class after Tai Chi in the morning. (The usual style that most people learn is the Yang style.) It was a bit overwhelming, and I felt a bit intimidated by everyone else who more or less knew what they were doing. I'll do better next week.

Our company's "Christmas" party was also on Saturday. It was a lot more fun than I expected. Five bands all of which were partly or wholly composed of co-workers played half hour sets, and they were all really good.

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