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Thu, 04 Mar 2004

A victim of our own finances
Mood:  Tense

Okay, so once again, my company is doing less well then it originally forecasted for the fiscal year. Currently, the outlook looks rather bleak. Without going too much into it, we're expecting a round of layoffs pretty much today.

For the whole week, things have been pretty tense here. There was a small, but non-zero chance that I was going to loose my job. It was almost certain that at least one person (we didn't have an idea who) from our team was going to, and possibly more.

Times are tough. These things happen. But times have been tough for a while. It's starting to get pretty frustrating to be doing everything one can, and yet still be under the gun like this.

On the other hand, my sister who has long been languishing under the yoke of complete assholes of a company found what looks like a really cool job back in London. Her last day at old job is tomorrow. Yay!

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