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Sun, 14 Mar 2004

Happy Pi Day!

Busy busy week. I'm so very tired today.

Most of it actually is the final stages of dealing with people being let go from work. There were a lot of lunches and events at the end of the week in honour of so-and-so's last day at work. Thursday night there was a big gathering at Ethel's Lounge for the lot of them. I ducked out early to go see a play with my Ex who very thoughtfully offered to treat me by buying my ticket.

I went back to Ethel's afterwards to find things still going relatively strong. I stayed until closing and ended up still getting up and to work relatively early.

Friday evening found me in Cambridge watching the band of which a work mate was a member. They were good. They were playing at a small restaurant called Infusion right in the centre of Galt. I don't think they were really able to deal with the extra crowd that came for the band. There was one person working the front and one (I think) person cooking in back. Service was good considering, but I wasn't overly impressed with everything, though I'm willing to give them some slack because of the large number of people there.

Saturday again I was off on a whirlwind of activity. I ducked out of Tai Ji class early, and went with Casa de Thingo to Toronto to visit some old and close friends I don't see nearly as much as I'd like. Actually, that's true of most old friends that don't live in town.

Going climbing soon. I'm going to have to run home and get ready. Anyway, have some pie. Or some Pi. Either is good.

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