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Fri, 26 Mar 2004

And we're off!

So getting up ungodly early this morning was interesting. Everything was all taken care of and done last night for me. Casa de Thingo was wonderful and accommodating and made me dinner in addition to taking in the cats. They were both a little upset, understandably. But by the time I left Casa de Thingo, they were starting to make an adjustment. Griffith initially hid under the hot water heater in the basement, but after being fed, he was pretty much back to his usual lounging about. Carbon seemed to be taking it well enough, but she wasn't eating much. Maybe she was just excited.

I spent the night with the friends I'm leaving with, seeing as how we pretty much were planning on just getting up and going this morning at 4:30am. The getting up worked, mostly, but there was still some issues with the going. We didn't leave terribly late though, and made it out of the city by around dawn or so.

The trip on the whole was fairly uneventful. We didn't quite make it to the border before we felt the need to stop for breakfast (and more importantly, coffee). We found an unsupposing place in Burlington, called Something Williams. Okay, so I can't remember the first name. Ed: Russell Williams. I just had the jingle for the paint stores in my head. At any rate they had a good selection of very tasty omelettes.

Crossing the border was relatively painless. We were asked to turn off our engine and hand over the keys while they rummaged through the back of the truck, but they didn't open anything or ask us to pull over to the building for a more thorough looking over.

After that, a lot of the journey was much of a blur. There was a bit of napping here and there. Unfortunately, I couldn't help drive much, which was too bad, but we made it down okay. We stopped at a total of three Cracker Barrels. (Four, if you count the one that was closed on the first night.) And I think three Waffle Houses, though I was pretty out of it overnight. I was completely useless the next day, and starting to fade pretty badly. I think all the screwy non-sleeping really played havoc with my immune system. I got insanely sick by the morning after we arrived.

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