Elbie at Trig dot Net

Sat, 10 Apr 2004

Eventually, in future, will be little non-caveman.

Little non-caveman will be part of big tribe called Montréal, and forage for bagels and hunt mighty lox. He will drink of blood of elusive star buck. Oft he will drink second cup's worth.

Some day, little non-caveman wake up in his strange non-cave place and forage and hunt for breakfast, and he will then while away day with his large tribe inventing all sort of things Thak or you not able to comprehend with our unevolved australopithecean-sized brains.

On this day that will happen, little non-caveman invent time machine, and he will appear yesterday over there, where Thak was eating berries.

Little non-caveman scare Thak so much, as non-caveman appear in flash of bright light, that Thak reach for big branch to defend self, and beat little time-traveling non-caveman to pulp.


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